Yangsheng Meeting: health – movement – change

Yangsheng is the Chinese expression for „Care for Life“.
Healthy living in Chinese thought means moving, flowing and embracing change. Way beyond the abstract ideas of fitness and success, a productive, healthy life means living in resonance with the people and the nature around us: coming to terms with the challenges of life, remaining grounded in difficult times, growing as a person by adapting to circumstances one cannot change, changing the world by realising that some obstacles on our way are not insurmountable.

The Chinese movement, healing and martial arts are all Yangsheng practices in their different ways to care for life. Movement, healing and fighting are merged into one, representing a mirror for life itself. Taken together, they form a unique combination of different ways towards the goal of living a fulfilled life. Centered around the concept of self-cultivation, the Chinese arts provide diverse practical approaches towards nourishing body, heart and spirit.

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy, these Yangsheng practices bear an invaluable treasure, a rich heritage, which about 50 years ago found its way into the West. Today, many people all over the globe have welcomed the Chinese arts as part of their life – learning and teaching Qigong, meditation, massage techniques, calligraphy or internal martial arts to name but a few examples.

The Yangsheng Meeting brings together experts, masters and practitioners of the Chinese movement, healing and martial arts and people interested in Chinese arts from East and West to share their experiences and to learn as a community.

We welcome interested people of all levels of skill to explore the Chinese arts with us!

About the history and the people behind

The Yangsheng Meeting evolved out of the Taiji Forum project, two websites on Chinese movement, healing and martial arts in English and German.

The history of the meeting started in 2016 as Taiji Forum Meeting (topic: Taiji) and was continued as a bilingual meeting (English/German) in 2017 (topic: Yangsheng – Care for Life). As change is the only constant, we decided last year to rename the meeting into „Yangsheng Meeting“.

This year, we are excited to take you into the world of Gao shan – High mountains.

We would like to thank the teachers, without whose dedication and voluntary work this event would not be possible.

We are looking forward to meeting you in September in Hannover!

Nils and Gabi

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