The teachers and themes for the Yangsheng Meeting 2019 will be ready March 2019!

Faye Yip (Telford, UK) – Qigong

Faye Yip (Telford, UK) – Qigong

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Yi-Chun Hwang (Berlin, Germany) – Tea

Yi-Chun Hwang (Berlin, Germany) – TeaKung Fu Cha – Drinking tea in a little bit different way

At this year’s Yangsheng Meeting, I would like to taste some delicately produced Formosa Oolong tea varieties with interested participants in a sociable and healthy way.
Please do not think of the strict Japanese tea ceremony or formal tea ceremonies held in Buddhist temples. The focus will lay on Yangsheng through joy, relaxation and concentration. The tea drinkers, sitting next to each other, will experience tea as a means to encourage easy communication or arbitrary silence or as an agent changing the sensual perception.

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Wang Ning (Frankfurt a. Main, Germany) – Calligraphy

Wang Ning (Frankfurt a. Main, Deutschland) – KalligraphieFlowing ink – Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy as a meditation and movement art sharpens our senses and raises our awareness. Starting with the characters Yi Xin Gong (One Heart Work), the participants will get an insight into the world of the writing art. Leading the brush, we can learn to experience the unity of body and mind.
Building upon a poem composed to capture the flow of writing of the three characters mentioned above, we will dive into the world of calligraphy and go with the flow.

! Consecutive Workshop!
Due to limited available seats, please indicate your interest for this workshop on the registration form.

! Material needed!
Writing material can be purchased directly from Ning at the beginning of the workshop (costs: ). If you will need some, please also indicate on the form so that he can bring enough material with him. If you are already in to calligraphy, do not hesitate to bring your own brushes etc.

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Henrik Jäger (Freiburg, Germany) – I Ching

Henrik Jäger (Freiburg, Germany) – I Ching

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