Culture and Interaction: The Framework Programme

Exposition – Calligraphy by Wang Ning

Vernissage: Friday, 07.09., 8 PM, Unser Nachbarin Café


Gala of the Chinese ArtsFramework Programme

Saturday, 09.09., 8 PM, Warenannahme
There will be a colorful show with high-ranking presentations and demonstrations relating to „Yangsheng“: Qigong, Taijiquan, Bagua and much more, presented by the teachers of the meeting and guests. – The whole diversity of Chinese Arts in one show. Don’t miss out!

Morning-Qigong (Free and for all!)

Saturday, 08.09. and Sunday, 09.09., 9.00 – 9.45 AM
The morning Qigong Session is free. It is open to all interested persons – also for non-participants of the meeting! The session is led by teachers of the meeting.

Push Hands with teachers of the meeting

Friday from 7 PM / Saturday from 6.30 PM
Pushing Hands is a special form of partner work in Taijiquan. – Just try it!

All days of the meeting

Market Place (Warenannahme)
Our Market Place with information counters of our sponsors and the Kolibri-Shop – books, DVDs and more – is open on all three days, in the mornings (from 9.00 AM), during the breaks and in the evenings!